2017 Photographic Competition

Our first Photographic competition was held and judged in December 2016 and was a great success.  Congratulations go to all entrants. Thanks go to Trevor Davenport who did an excellent job of judging the competition and providing constructive comments on the entries.

The photographs are shown below, along with their results.

The competition is running again this year  Details on how to submit your photos are here:

The competition is open to all members of West Lancashire Wildlife. Trevor Davenport and Phil Jones have very kindly agreed to judge all entries. Trevor will announce the winner on the members evening on the 20th December.
 You can submit up to six photographs and these can be on any natural history topic.
 Final submission date is 1st December, 2017
 Photographs should be submitted to Alan by any of the following methods:

  •  E-mail directly to alan.p.bedford@blueyonder.co.uk
  •  Send via “Dropbox” or “WeTransfer”
  •  Give them directly to Alan on a memory stick or CD at the next meeting (15th November)
  •  Post directly to Alan; e-mail him if you need his postal address.

These will then be forwarded to Trevor and Phil anonymously.

  • Include with your six photos a “Word” or similar document that gives the caption
    information (see below for details)

We have repeated  the guidelines  below to help you with your submissions but, whatever you do, have fun.
Processing images and manipulation:
Digital adjustments permitted
Within the framework of digital image editing the following is permitted.

  •  Minor cleaning work including removal of sensor spots and dust,
  •  Moderate adjustments of: contrast, tonal values, levels, highlight and shadow, colour, curves, saturation, sharpening, white balance and noise may be undertaken.
  •  Removal of chromatic aberration, lens distortion and vignetting are acceptable. Cropping is allowed, but please bear in mind that cropping reduces the file size and therefore high levels of cropping could result in the deterioration of image quality, for reproduction needs. Conversion to black and white is fine.
  • Stitched images (combined using digital techniques) where a panorama is created from several images taken from the same location and at the same time are acceptable. This kind of work is comparable to what would be deemed as acceptable darkroom processing techniques.
  •  Stacked images

Overall, the image should be a faithful representation of the original scene.

Digital adjustments not permitted

  •  None of the following physical changes to the scene e.g. adding or removing objects, trees, animals, plants, people, items of civilization or stripping in sky from another image etc. Digital collages, sandwich shots and composites.

Image specifications

  • Submissions must be in digital format but the original entry does not need to have been taken on a digital camera. High quality scans of transparencies or negatives are also acceptable.
  • For all categories, digital files must be submitted as JPEGs, saved at a high quality setting of at least 8 in Photoshop, Preferably in sRGB (Standard RedGreenBlue). No borders, watermarks or signatures should be included.
  •  Caption information must be complete and accurate; where, when and what you’ve taken are essential but also how and why can really add life to an image.
  • Entrants should not include their name in either the caption or on the image itself.



2016 Entries