The Great Pond Dig

Dear WLW Membership,

Great news on the Great Twin Pond Dig (GTPD) front! The digger has been and part two of the pond restorations is complete! I will send you more information on this shortly but for now please find attached the final poster for the WLW Breakfast Club dates WLW Breakfast Club and you can book online here. If you are able to bring your expertise to assist on any of these dates – the more the merrier and please just let me know by email so we can keep the places open for beginners. It is always great getting a mix of more and less experienced people at these events so do please come and join us 🙂

Also – I am doing a walk and talk on Saturday 17th Feb about the GTPD so far from Gorse Hill at 10am. If you would like to join us there is  online booking for you to use. Click HERE.
The details are:
A talk and walk is being held on Saturday 17th February at 10am at the Gorse Hill Nature Reserve. The event is linked with the ‘Great Twin Pond Dig’ which aims to twin four ponds in West Lancashire with four pond in North Norfolk. All eight ponds are historical marl pits found in agricultural land in these two opposite sides of the country. Marl, a clay-like substance, was unearthed and dug out in these two areas mainly in the 17th and 18th centuries for use as an early soil improver and fertiliser. In West Lancashire, many of these marl pits remain but are now very overgrown with trees. As part of the ‘Great Twin Pond Dig’, volunteers from West Lancashire Wildlife and Edge Hill University have been monitoring the four local ponds this year for plants and wildlife. With financial help from the Lancashire Environmental Fund, farmer Chris Molyneax and a team effort from local volunteers, two ponds have now been opened up and restored. This walk and talk will explain about these historical features in more detail, talk about the work that has been done so far and monitoring planned for 2018.

The talk will last 45 minutes and will be indoors. You are welcome to join us for just this part. We will then walk down from Gorse Hill Nature Reserve to the GTPD ponds where Helen will explain in more detail what has changed during the restoration. The site is still muddy so please wear wellies or boots and please wrap up warm with weather appropriate clothing at it can be quite exposed.

For more information email or call Helen Greaves on 07716162970. The Gorse Hill Nature Reserve Centre is found on Holly Lane, Aughton, Ormskirk, L39 7HB.

Mum and I and all that came and volunteered for the restoration can vouch that it can be VERY cold out there!

Finally, monitoring is going to be so much more exciting (hopefully, fingers crossed or I am going to be extremely embarrassed…!) this year. Therefore I thought that it would be useful to be useful to have a succinct meeting if anyone is interested before our next meeting on the 21st Feb (say – meeting at 6:45pm?) to sign people up for any monitoring they might be willing or keen to get involved in. I will invite any interested students along too if that time is ok and we can perhaps persuade them to stay for Thom’s talk. Committee – please let me know if there are any problems with this.

Many thanks to all of you for your support on this project. It really is exciting to see what may – or even may not appear!!! Gulp.

Best wishes